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Suppliers of audiovisual for educational facilities in NSW. 

Universities, Schools and Colleges.  

 Installations and service for the School Hall, Drama and Sports Halls. 

Music room and outdoor portable systems


   Over 30 years of experience in the field means that the products we recommend will be reliable and easy to operate.



 Lee Conlon, ACC Manager, has assisted schools by providing the right selection of affordable and reliable products to meet their needs. 

With the varied requirements for different sized halls we provide sound system components that will match the space and your expectations.  

It's about making a good impression and for us at ACCAV - we persue excellence in our work ensuring that we will provide the right technology to fulfil the requirement.



   Ray Scott, AV Project Manager - in the AV industry for 17 years, has considerable experience in audiovisual integration and control. Ray is responsible for the installation and commissioning the AV for several schools and universities in NSW.  With the knowledge that the equipment could be used by a wide range of staff and student users he has developed systems that provide easy to understand control methods.


ACCAV is a dedicated audio visual supplier you can rely on for projectors, sound systems, stage lighting, TV screens, and AV controls.




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